Josh Gad Was “Never Serious” About Penguin Role

Josh Gad WON't be the Penguin
Article by Eric Lee

Frozen 2 actor Josh Gad has revealed how he was just having playful fun, teasing fans about a potential Penguin role. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Gad admitted he was essentially trolling fans about the whole thing.

Matt [Reeves] and I had a brief exchange about it, and the truth is that there was never really any serious attempt to play the role of The Penguin in The Batman. There were talks along the way with DC about it. There were talks along the way with Matt about it. But, the truth is, I never went in to go discuss it. I never went on tape for it. Frankly, I think they made a really cool choice. I cannot wait to see Matt’s Batman movie, and…for the most part, it’s been just a great laugh between the two of us.

Gad also talked about the origins of the prank on fans.

It actually started off with me posting a picture one day and just having fun trolling the Internet. This was before any Penguin project was even announced. This was before Matt Reeves was even attached to do a Batman film. At a certain point, it just became really fun because of the speculation.

A Brief History of the Gad and the Penguin

Josh Gad started the rumors of being cast as the Penguin with tweets of the villain. Later, he revealed a photo of himself holding a Batman comic with the Penguin on the cover. DC writer Geoff Johns and WB executive vice president Jon Berg accompanied Gad in the picture. Finally Gad has now admitted on his Twitter that he was just having some fun.

Eric Lee

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