Josh Gad Tweets Photo of Himself with Geoff Johns and Comic Book with Penguin on Cover

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Last month, Josh Gad tweeted a photo of the Penguin with no explanation or caption of any kind. The Internet was lit ablaze with speculation. Fans wondered if that possibly meant that Olaf could play Oswald Cobblepot? Currently, there isn’t a whole lot of news coming from the upcoming solo Batman movie. With Joe Manganiello unsure if he will be Deathstroke following the hiring of Matt Reeves as director, we really don’t know what’s going on with that movie. Therefore, fans really have been trying to grasp at the little that’s on the Internet.

A week after that, Josh Gad appeared on the red carpet and MTV caught up with him. Of course, they asked him about it. Gad immediately laughed it off and insisted that he was “just having some fun.” Check it out below:

In the video, he insisted that there was nothing behind the Tweet and denied having met with Matt Reeves. However, before the video ends, he did mention briefly that he was “putting it out in the ether… We’ll see.” Maybe, at first, it was nothing… but by the time of this interview, there was something.

Last Thursday, Gad decided to screw with the Internet some more. However, we can’t just say it’s speculation anymore.

Josh Gad is standing in front of a large DC logo with Geoff Johns and WB executive vice president Jon Berg, who co-run DC Films together. Oh yeah, and he’s also holding a comic book with Penguin on the cover. The caption reads, “Nothing to see here…”

Gad is clearly having the time of his life and though there’s no confirmation, it’s hard to believe that Gad would go to these lengths for a joke. It’s likely that he did tweet that photo with the intention of putting his name into the hat for the role and it eventually led to that photo.

Personally, Gad certainly has the physique and stature to play the Penguin, but his most famous roles have been in Disney flicks that haven’t really showcased his range as of yet. I’m a fan, so I’d likely welcome it.

What do you think? Has Josh Gad been cast as the Penguin? If so, do you like that casting? Let us know.

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