‘Joker’ Director, Todd Phillips Celebrates Box Office Milestone

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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

In case you hadn’t heard, the phenomenon known as Joker managed to hit a huge box office milestone recently. With a box office draw of $788.1 million, Joker has managed to nab the crown of highest grossing R-rated film, taking it from the then-incumbent, Deadpool. Being the social media darling that Ryan Reynolds is, he celebrated in true Deadpool fashion with a pretty cheeky, PG-13 Twitter post. Of course, Todd Phillips had to join in on the festivities.

He took to Instagram to celebrate the box office milestone:

Swaying his way to the big bucks

Two fantastic shots of Arthur standing atop a police cruiser, surrounded by his adoring fans. It’s a moment of pure triumph, perfectly illustrating the general mood. You know… as long as we’re not using it in the same context as the movie. Phillips thanks cast, crew, and fans for the huge box office achievement. Riding pretty high right now, the Phillips-directed The Hangover, also sits as one of the top 10 highest grossing R-rated movies.

Just like Deadpool and Logan before him, this is a huge step forward for R-rated comic book films. With these box office hits, it should hopefully show movie studios these flicks aren’t a huge risk. Hopefully, this will usher in more R-rated comic book films that let studios really cut loose, and give us a truer version of a comic book character.

If you haven’t seen Joker yet, it’s really time that you should. If you have, then go watch it again. It’s in theatres now.

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