‘Batwoman’ Gets Full Season Order from The CW

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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

When The CW’s Batwoman trailer hit YouTube, it got a less than stellar response. Understatements aside, it seemed the show was doomed to fail considering the amount of hate directed toward it. The video garnered several dislikes and, consequently, was one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. Following its premiere, the show has been fairly divisive between critics and audiences. On the popular reviews aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes, several critics liked it enough for it get to the “Certified Fresh” seal. It stands at 71%. The audience side, however, sees a completely different show, standing at an awful 12%. That’s a really big discrepancy. Well, it looks like the cast and crew behind Batwoman can laugh off the haters, because the show just got a full season order.

Let the hate flow through them?

Last Friday, the CW announced a full season order for Batwoman, taking the total number of episodes for season 1 from 13 to 22. While fans have been vocal about their dissatisfaction for the series, people are still watching. The show is killing in the ratings, it seems and has raked in an average 1.5 million viewers for the first three episodes in the 18-35 demographic. That statistic makes it the second most-watched CW Show, behind only The Flash. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that their Sunday night programming is still in its infancy. Oh yeah, and this is also in spite of all the haterade it received (Do the kids still say that? Who cares? I’m bringing it back. Because we all know the kids are hanging on my every word.)

That’s pretty impressive, when you think about it. The first glimpse of it got a pretty horrific response, and now it’s the most watch-show on The CW behind The Flash. It’s the little Bat-show that could, showering in the haterade (I’m definitely gonna bring it back.)

Batwoman airs on Sundays at 8PM EST on The CW.


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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