James Gunn Debunks Zatanna Rumors

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Director James Gunn has shot down the rumor that Zatanna will appear in The Suicide Squad. On Twitter, Gunn responded to fan inquiries about a possible Zatanna cameo. The director was quick to state that there will be no Zatanna appearance in the film, and he goes on to question how the rumor even began.

Other ‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors

There are so many Suicide Squad rumors/misinformation floating around that it’s become Gunn’s part-time job to debunk them. Another rumor shot down was the cast doing a table read on September 11th. Gunn corrected the rumor, claiming that the cast table read had already occurred.

The inclusion of certain characters is a constant source of rumors. While the cast list has been released, Gunn is being coy about which specific characters the actors will play. Gunn confirmed that character details will come eventually. However, he also added that he is keeping that information hidden on purpose.

It seems that Gunn is working overtime to clear out misinformation, while still making a movie. Hopefully, Zatanna will be able to make it to the big screen some day.

The Suicide Squad is due to hit theaters on August 6, 2021.

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