The Bat Kids Get Adorable “Knight Out” Collectible Diorama From Quantum Mechanix

by Philip Clark
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Article by Philip Clark

The Bat-family are quite possibly my favourite thing about the Batman mythos. I love the whole relationship between Bruce and the Robins, of course not forgetting about Batgirl either! Yes… I’m a Bat Kids fan.

I mean, just watching them each individually grow under the tutelage of the Dark Knight himself, then seeing each of them branching off to pursue their own destinies… Damian is only making guest appearances in Batman and Detective Comics these days, and he even managed to get his own (much missed) series. Now he’s leading the Teen Titans! Then there’s Batgirl, who never was a Robin, and was always her own hero. You go girl!

But what happens when Batman isn’t around to control these young heroes? Well, the good people at Quantum Mechanix Inc have created such a scenario! The company have released a very cute diorama of the group racing across the rooftops of Gotham, cleverly titled “Knight Out.”

Look at how cute they all are! I love that their spirits, and personalities, can be seen in the sculpture. The piece can be bought from the excellent online store, for $200.00.

I know if I had the money, I’d be getting one myself! What do you think of this super cute Bat Kids piece? Let us know.

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