Review: Teen Titans #32

by Sam McTernan
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“Daddy Issues” – Part Two
Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Bernard Chang
Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Sam McTernan

Teen Titans #32 is a high octane ride, however it also blends writer Adam Glass’ signature emotional storytelling beautifully. Lobo is here and the team barely survived their first encounter. How they weather the next onslaught is quite the challenge.

Just how to do you beat a guy like Lobo? He’s gone to toe to toe with the DC Heavyweights and survived, so how do a bunch of kids compete? A fragmented and beaten group of teens are hardy a challenge… or are they? The Titans somehow keep going, and they also adapt. They’ve learned that this is going to need a little extra something, which is risky. The writing is perfect here and creates a genuine 50-50 scenario, meaning that you don’t know which way it’ll go.

Outside of the action, Glass goes back to the relationships within in the group. It’s incredible that he never forgets that this a team made up of teenagers, something I feel has been sorely lacking in previous iterations of Teen Titans comics. The emotions that flow throughout are big factors on the action, but also on those rare occasions when it all goes quiet. Roundhouse’s love for his friends and fear of losing them is both touching and realistic. The character I’m most impressed by though, is Robin. The seed of change has been planted, and I’m looking forward to the results.

Artist Bernard Chang, as usual, brings consistent and enjoyable art that flows well. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors are superb, and the use use of black was utilised brilliantly on the first few pages.


Teen Titans #32 is an overall winner. Action and emotion are blended excellently, as always. I honestly feel that, with all comics, it’s good to mix things up every so often with the creative team, however I don’t want to see these guys go anywhere. The creative team combo is as great as the teens they’re writing and drawing about.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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