DC’s Walmart Line of Comics to End?

by Max Byrne
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According to sources, DC Comics’ line of Walmart exclusive 100-page comics is coming to an end. According to Ryan Higgins, best known as co-host of The Comic Conspiracy podcast, Walmart will no longer carry exclusive DC publications. Instead, new 100-page special release comics will replace them. What’s more, these new titles will be on general release and available in all good retailers!

As an interesting twist, these new specials will be split almost 50-50 with new material and classic storylines. This is a smart play, as it offers fresh content but also introduces fans to existing arcs that will encourage deep dives into the archives.

An extra treat for those that were unable to get the Walmart books is in the works too. Those longer story arcs are to reprinted in graphic novel format. The shorter stories will also be reprinted in the new general release books too, so all that great Walmart content will get out there.

The 10-15% decrease in  DC’s content was apparently done to accommodate DC’s all ages content and this new 100-page special line. SO, DC will effectively be putting out the same amount of content as before, just in different formats.

DC will also allegedly be reducing the number of collected editions they release going forward, brought on by low sales for collected works . The lesson to be learned if we want to keep our favourites on the shelves, is that we should buy more comics!!

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