Review: Old Lady Harley #2

by Kendra Smart
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” Old Lady Harley” – Part Two
Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Iñaki Miranda

Old Lady Harley issue two takes us back to the pun slinging, old west feeling, pop culture referencing, Mad Maxian environment that we longed to return to. We snuggle right back in as the pages open up to catch Old Harley still on her journey to find the Joker.

I Have Become More Efficient

This issue feels likes an hour long episode of a TV show. We get to see just what the real Batman has become and just what he knows about the Joker’s death. After a hard hitting scene broken up with great comedic banter, we watch Harley and her tool enthused friend go on a hunt for more information with one of Gotham’s sultry vixen villains.

A lot has changed within Gotham City’ baddies, however, and Selena is not feeling awfully chatty. To make things worse, Harley is being followed by someone without good intentions.


There is so much in this issue that to keep it spoiler free is hard. There are many great scenes and the flow of this book is out of this world. I have never read anything like this, as it always gives little nods to different fandoms like Star Trek and Star Wars.

The interactions between our protagonists are astounding and it’s really like the writing and art team have created a new and immersive world. This is a book I would absolutely love to see adapted as an animated feature film.


Frank Tieri and Iñaki Miranda can do no wrong as a team. The art is stunning and the details are beautiful The transitions between all the different styles of writing, like Old West to Futuristic, is really nice and makes the flow that much better. The cover by Amanda Conner is fabulous and sets the tone of the issue like nothing else would.

Old Lady Harley is such an enjoyable read that I cannot wait to get my hands on the next issue, to find out what happens next!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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