Review: Old Lady Harley #1

by Kendra Smart
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Old Lady Harley #1

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Inaki Miranda

So holy cow, guys! I was so excited to hear about this Old Lady Harley miniseries! This book comes with all the pop cultured, foul mouthed, Road Warrior deja-who Harley that one could ever want. We have Frank Tieri writing, Iñaki Miranda as artist with Eva de la Cruz on colors.

Old Time Rock And Harley

Not so long ago in a ‘verse quite close at hand, Harley Quinn went forward into the future in Harley Quinn #42, where we first meet Old Lady Harley in the universe. The world has gone in to Mad Maxi-an times and Harley is of course right at the center of it all. This is an action-packed, pun-filled joy ride that you never want to leave. Getting a bevy of old and new characters is exciting, especially seeing them with their new gear and storyline. It really amps you up.

The ending to that tale, which I do highly recommend reading, leads to the beginning of this miniseries, where we find Harley with Red Tool, after a commercial break to die for of course. A recap is given to those just stepping into the ruins before launching into chaos. The biggest question of the issue though, is could The Joker possibly still be alive? There’s only one city in the entire world that the answers can be found in: Gotham herself. It’s almost better for me that this is where the issue ended. I will not lie, I fully geeked out!

Raving Mad Team

This story is quite honestly one of the most beautiful disasters I have ever read. Everything is going in a million directions. There are so many references in this series that span across all fandoms. It is such a joy to read. The pacing of the writing is astounding and it flows so perfectly along with the art in this book. To be honest, while I loved the art of Mauricet in issue #42, Iñaki Miranda brings something wholly different to the table.

Miranda gives Old Harley Quinn this unmistakable feel. His art embodies the words that Frank Tieri has spawned. This team works so harmoniously that, for me, this truly is a must-read series. The story draws you in and doesn’t let you go for air until there is nothing left but hanging off the edge of the cliff, breathlessly waiting to know and see more.


For me, the Harley Quinn books just get better and better as they come out. Every single one, from series to one-shot stories have been fantastic. I feel like I am doling out candy, but hey! Trick or treat, ladies and gents. This one is a well-rounded, amazing story that grabs you by the seat of your pants and does not let go. It is a solid “wish I could give it over 10 out of 10” experience. Enjoy the ride!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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