Review: Injustice Vs Masters Of The Universe #5

by Kendra Smart
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“Injustice Vs Masters Of The Universe” –  Part Five

Writer: Tim Seeley 

Artist: Freddie E. Williams II

This Issue of Injustice versus Masters of the Universe is a wild ride, to say the least. We are back and we’re almost at the end of the story of Clark, Bruce, He-man and all their friends.

In the last issue we had a lot of development towards the end game of the story arc. Skeletor had switched Teams and turned on Darkseid in order to obtain the power and spirit of Eternia.

Their battle is quite exciting to see. Prince Adam picking himself up off the floor, Bruce trying to make Supes see clearly what was happening, with chaos all around them and no hope in sight for things to get better.

Out Of The Frying Pan

Things only go from bad to worse in this issue. Yes, temporary bonds are formed and we get to see some amazing battles, but the end has quite a twist to it. One that only shows us that, even with all that has happened so far, no matter how much we have seen the heroes getting kicked when they are down, there is still further to go.

This issue has one particular scene between Supergirl and Granny Goodness that had me laughing from Kara’s attitude and indignation.

Coming To A Close

This has been a fast paced series; a lot has to do with only having six issues with which to tell a full story. This art team and writer clearly had a very specific way they wanted the story and they have done a beautiful job.

Tim Seeley has written a great tale with Freddie E.Williams II bringing in art to expand this story, visually bringing the video game feel to the comics medium.

This issue builds really well and leaves us with quite a cliff hanger, which spans all time lines.

This is one series I don’t want to see end.

Images courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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