Review: Harley Quinn #54

by Kendra Smart
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“Minor Disasters” – Part Two

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Lucas Werneck

Back for the thrilling conclusion to Minor Disaster we go for this issue of Harley Quinn. For a quick catch up click here for my review from issue #53.

Daddy’s Girl

We rejoin Harley and Minor Disaster in an alley. The villain revealed herself to be the cause all of Harleen’s troubles and, as she is at her most triumphant, Harley feels at her lowest.

One of the many things this series does correctly is tackle hard feelings that are relevant to real life. The art and writing team make us feel the heartbreaking moments as well as the heartfelt ones. Not only that, but the issues are relatable. Minor Disaster just wants her Dad to be proud of her, she just handles it from her heart not her head.

For the readers, this leads us through an amazing gamut of adventures and a great plot. We get to see all of the characters shine this issue, Harley, her Mother, Minor Disaster, and Tina. No spoilers here but with the whole island of Manhattan in the balance suffice it to say some major things happen!

Granny’s Hell Poodles

This issue, like those before it, has not only a great story but the art is right on line with the emotions. There is a scene between Minor Disaster and her Dad that breaks my heart, because you see just how hard his words hit her. To depict emotions like that, and doing this several times in one comic, is a real accomplishment.

The art team steps to the plate and knocks it out of the park too. Sam Humphries is back with a killer conclusion and Artist Lucas Werneck, with Colorist Gabe Eltaeb, knocked my socks off with their artwork.


I feel like I dote on this series so much but to be fair it has been able to draw me in like few have. Each book is seriously a joy to read. If one character has been getting the justice due her this year, it’s Harley. From the covers, to the side stories, she has had a year to beat all and I have no complaints. 10 out of 10 fully and easily earned. I am so excited for the Christmas issue!Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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