Batman Emerging From Shadows In New Picture Released By Zack Snyder

by Philip Clark
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It’s been a while since the beginning of the DC Extended Universe, but we are continuously treated to extra bits and pieces. Zack Snyder has released lots of behind the scenes photos from most of the movies, as well as extended Director Cuts.

Currently being the fans’ most constant source of extra information, Snyder has recently posted a picture of Batman standing dramatically in smoke.

Zack Snyder Gives Us A Vintage Batman… He Is The Night

Over the many, many years of Batman’s existence he has become synonymous with shadows and smoke. The picture that Snyder has released, as seen above, is the perfect Batman picture.

Emerging from the shadows and smoke on top of a rooftop. You can’t get more Batman than that!

I’m hoping that the new solo Batman movie has scenes of similar nature. Nothing encapsulates The Dark Knight more than this picture.

Here’s to hoping we get more releases like this from Snyder in the near future.

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