Kevin Smith Fan Casts His Superman And Batman

I’m happy that I get to write this article. I love talking about fan casting and casting rumours.

It has recently been rumoured that Henry Cavill could be hanging up the tights. While this is only a rumour, it has sparked many conversations about who would be the best replacement for the star.

Kevin Smith has recently been asked on his podcast, Fatman Beyond, who he’d like to see step into the tights of the superhero duo; Superman and Batman. Smith noted that the Mad Men star, Jon Hamm, has expressed repeat interest for the role of Batman. A casting that Smith said he would love to see.

Smith even put his two cents about the hot rumour that Michael B. Jordan would be filling Cavill’s boots and cape, should Cavill ever leave the role.

I’ll be honest with you, when they said Michael B. Jordan the other day, I was like, ‘Yes, do it, do it.’

Smith seemed to finalise with Jordan portraying The Man of Steel.

When deciding on who should play a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman combination, Smith went through plenty of actors. From the likes of Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal, all the way to his final pick; Chris Hemsworth.

Smith went on to state that Hemsworth did an excellent job with Thor.

Just took a character where, in the comics I was never a Thor guy, and he made me fall in love with that character.

Both of those picks are great actors. One has already been rumoured to playing the role Smith picked him for; the other however, is a rather unconventional and inspired pick.

From One Fan Cast To Another

Personally, I wouldn’t have Michael B. Jordan as Superman. As much as I love him as an actor, and I thought he was fantastic in Black Panther as the villain. I envision Superman to be how I assume everyone sees him, that is, how he is drawn in the comics. Although I can’t see anyone aside from Henry Cavill filling those boots. If I were to cast someone else as him though, I would probably have to go with Idris Elba. I think he has the acting chops to portray The Last Son of Krypton. He was fantastic in the Thor franchise as Heimdall, as well as portraying the layered Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim. A blend of the two characters would be an excellent Superman.

Now on to The Caped Crusader himself! I have tipped Karl Urban to play Batman before the Ben Affleck casting was made. Ever since watching him in Dredd I’ve always said he’d be an excellent choice to portray Batman. As for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne, I would look at him in both the Star Trek franchise and the Lord of the Rings franchise. A combination of the strange, yet charming personality of Bones in Star Trek and the haughty noble attitude of Eomer would make the perfect Bruce Wayne.

Agree or disagree with these fan castings? We’d love to hear your opinion. Sound of in the comments below with your own fan castings!

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