Fabled ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Might Exist After All

by Chris Foti
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Another week, another Zack Snyder Justice League story. The ongoing saga of the truth behind the existence of this cut continues. One week it is confirmed that it exists. The next, it doesn’t exist and never did.

The mystery behind the existence of the Snyder Cut is almost more interesting than the film itself.

This time, a fan on Twitter claimed that the Snyder Cut doesn’t exist. However, the film’s storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, responded with the contrary.

Yep it does. If it doesn’t then what did Zack screen to execs prior to Whedon? If you don’t care for it then step aside because your just parroting what the bloggers are saying without any real knowledge or insight. Have a great day Tim!

Since Oliva was directly involved in the creation of the film, he certainly is a reliable source on the existence of the cut, but it doesn’t seem like he was actually there? He never said he sat in the room and watched it with them, just that Zack did.

Also, the screening to the executives happened around January 2017. The film wasn’t scheduled to come out until November. So a lot of the film’s special effects were most likely still in development or outright replaced by concept art in the cut Snyder showed.

So, while a “Snyder Cut” might exist with unfinished effects and concept art, it’s highly unlikely that it’s a watchable version that fans would be interested in seeing and, at this point, Warner Bros. isn’t going to go back and put more money into finishing it. They spent enough on the reshoots under Joss Whedon and the film itself is the lowest grossing DC film since Man of Steel.

It’s clear that WB want to put this film in the rearview mirror and move forward with their upcoming solo projects Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984 and Matt Reeves’ Batman film.

Where do you stand on the mythical Snyder Cut? Do you think one exists? If it was a raw cut with unfinished effects and concept art, would you still want to watch it? 

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