Review: Batman – Sins Of The Father Issues #1-#5

by Kendra Smart
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Writer: Christos Gage

Artists: Raffaele Ienco & Guy Major

Someone is killing off the staff of Arkham Asylum one by one.

In a city led by darkness, one man rises to fight the demons. Bruce Wayne has a long history of trying to right the wrongs of Gotham. This time though the demons have come home to roost.

Following the cannon of the Telltale games, we learn more about Bruce’s father Thomas and just what it was he did at Arkham.

Writer Christos Gage brings us an amazing and deeply emotional look at Bruce, as he makes his way toward helping not only the victims of his Father, but also the people who are dying as a result of working for Thomas.

Art So Good, It’s A Sin

With artwork brought to life in jawdropping detail, Raffaele Ienco on art and Guy Major on colors, the characters of this saga shine. I would swear I saw a few panels move.

What I love is how well written and executed the pain of the decisions Bruce makes are. He has the opportunity several times to take the easy way out but never does.

He recognizes the hurt caused and wants to do whatever he can to right it for the victims. He finds out he is not the only one with this goal in mind.

From breaking in to Arkham to epic fight scenes with great dialogue, this series has exceeded my expectations so far.


5 out of 5 and I am going mad for issue 6.
The team of Gage, Ienco, Major, and Reed has absolutely knocked it out of the park. A full recommendation for gamer, comic, and newcomer fans!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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