Producer Brandon Vietti Posts First Look at ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’

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Today, DC fans were given a little Mother’s Day gift. It has absolutely no relation to moms at all… unless your mom loves Young Justice, or you’re a mom fan ypurself. It was a joke that just went too far and I didn’t know how to end it.

After years of pleading, petitioning, and re-watching, in late 2016, YJ fans finally heard some good news. It was announced that highly popular Young Justice had been renewed for a third season. We’ve since learned that that this latest offering will be entitled Young Justice: Outsiders.

Since then, however, fans just had to make do with a slow production process and very little in the way of updates. The YJ cast were kind enough to keep the hype going by letting fans know when recording had began and ended, but the first official news aside from the announcement and third season title, came out in SDCC 2017. There, we got our first glimpse at some new characters and designs for some familiar faces. Sadly, we heard nothing of the original team that we grew to love in season 1.

Brandon Vietti, the show’s producer since its inception, has returned to work on the show and tweeted out our first look for the upcoming season.

Some of the old gang is back

The DKN and DCN Editors have convened to determine who the new characters in the poster are. In the foreground, from left to right, we have Katana, the man in green is believed to be Geo-Force, the orange fellow is speculated to be an adapted version of Forager. Our team believes that the woman in yellow is Solstice. We also see Metamorpho, and Nightwing. Above them in the background, from left to right, we have Tigress in what appears to be a new costume, Black Lightning who grew out his hair and now sports a wicked beard, and Superboy.

It’s so great to see some of the original cast back. Their absence from the Comic-Con panel was definitely noticed. We’re still just missing Aqualad and Miss Martian. We still don’t yet know if Wally West will be brought back.

Though the poster doesn’t really reveal anything, it’s just so exciting to see that it’s finally happening.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere in 2018 on DC’s exclusive streaming network, DC Universe.

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