‘DC Universe’ Streaming Service Announced

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DC Entertainment to Unveil New Content Through DC Universe Streaming Service

We knew it was coming. Now we have official word from DC Entertainment that their new streaming service will be called DC Universe.

Since it’s cancelation on Cartoon Network in 2013, fans have been wanting more episodes of Young Justice. We broke the word in 2016 that the fan-favorite would be returning for a third season. There was initial speculation that Young Justice would return on Netflix since they were airing past episodes. We would later learn that the series would air on DC Entertainment’s flagship streaming service, and it would be accompanied by a live-action Titans series, and animated Harley Quinn series.

From DC Comics’ website:

DC Universe is a first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans.” The website reads. “One of the many incredible things your membership will include is unlimited access to the following exclusive original series.”

We still don’t know when the service will make its debut, but as soon as we do, Dark Knight News will let you know.

Are you excited for DC Universe? Will you subscribe when it becomes available? Sound off below and on our social media!



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