‘Gotham’ Characters Get Re-imagined In ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Art Style

by Philip Clark
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Gotham is a show that is all the rage right now, and for good reason. The show has returned to our screens recently, creating a lot more pieces of fan art. Whether it be stories about the show’s characters, or re-drawings of them, there are some seriously talented fans out there.

Rick Celis, an artist on social media takes the show’s characters and re-imagines them in the art style of Batman: The Animated Series. Dark Knight News first reported on his talents back in July of last year, and more of his art was featured in a post from October.


As seen above, Celis takes characters from the show such as; Jim Gordon, Edward Nygma and most notably Jerome, recreating them as animated characters. Taking hints from the 90s animated show, Celis blends the art style of the cartoon with the art style of Gotham, resulting in the masterpieces above.

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