Edy’s Releases DC Superhero-Themed Ice Cream

by Eric Lee
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Now for some news you can really dig into. Edy’s introduced three ice cream flavors based on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Batman’s Dark Knight Brownie Bite has a chocolate ice cream mixed with chocolate pieces, brownies, and fudge swirl. Superman’s Krypton Cookie Dough features red and gold cookie dough, along with blue sprinkles. Wonder Woman’s  Golden Lasso is a vanilla and caramel flavor with star-shaped caramel chips and graham crackers.

All three themed flavors are available in 1.5 quart-sized containers and are currently available at various grocery stores.

Other DC-Themed Ice Cream Flavors

With the release of these specialty ice creams, one must wonder how long before other DC heroes get their own flavors. Perhaps the Flash should be a strawberry blend? Or how amazing will it be to have a Green Lantern-themed mint chocolate chip ice cream? However, we should all be cautious if they decide to release a Detective Chimp-themed chocolate chunk ice cream.

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