New ‘Justice League’ Posters Released

by Steve J Ray
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Today brand new, and totally gorgeous, Justice League posters have appeared online. After the catalogue of horrors that DC Entertainment gave us as cover art for the “Justice League” movie digital download, and bluray, it’s a joy to see some real art.

So far we have pieces featuring everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. No Superman poster as yet, but we’re sure that it’s coming.

Posters Unite

The posters are beautiful digital paintings. Each one has the cinematic silhouette of the heroes, framing a landscape that suits their character, and surroundings. The high contrast, vividly colored pieces are eye catching, and attractive. They are miles away from the lacklustre cover art produced for the movie packaging.

Now that’s more like it DC! I can’t wait to see the Man Of Steel join the Dark Knight, Princess Of Power, Scarlet Speedster, Sea King and Mechanical Marvel. These posters are Superheroic!

The “Justice League” Movie is out on Digital HD in four days (February 13th) on Blu-ray on March 13th, and is available for pre-order right now.

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