‘Justice League’ Digital HD Cover Surfaces Online

In about two weeks, DC fans will be able to own the first live-action Justice League movie to hit the big screen on digital. Though it is historic, it was arguably the most divisive superhero film to date. It had such high expectations and for most people, it failed. Though I personally enjoyed the film, this movie had its critics as early as the marketing stage with some of the imagery released to promote it. Those critics may have just been given even more fuel.

Photoshopped Together

Batman-News received a copy of the cover for the digital HD release of Justice League. Take a look:

Gone goes the specific attention to detail in creating epic imagery. Instead, we have a Marvel Studios style collage of all the heroes photoshopped together. It just seems so hastily put together with no real strategic placement of the photos. The only distinction I can see is that minorities like Cyborg and Wonder Woman were given special emphasis at the bottom. Everyone else seems tacked on. It’s disappointing after the gorgeous Alex Ross-inspired poster  released at Comic-Con.

Either way, DC fans will be able to grab the Digital HD release on February 13, 2018. The physical media will hit shelves a month later on March 13.


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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