‘Doomsday Clock’ Will Switch to Bi-Monthly Schedule

Artist Gary Frank confirmed today that Doomsday Clock will switch from a monthly schedule to bi-monthly.

On Twitter, Frank discussed the reasoning behind the schedule switch up.

Initially, Doomsday Clock was solicited as a monthly series. It also had scheduled breaks in March and August. However, the Watchmen/DCU crossover series will be released every other month starting in May with issue #5.

Doomsday Clock Delays: Good or Bad?

It appears in a way to prevent indefinite delays and maintain high quality, DC is changing the scheduling. It is a smart move to make. Any series delays will inevitably disappoint comic fans. But DC is at least allowing their retailers to plan ahead and anticipate releases of a high-demand comic series. Unlike other late comics- literally every Kevin Smith Marvel comic- kept comic shop owners on the hook and made readers lose interest in the comic. At least a regular, elongated schedule will allow comic book shops to plan ahead.

January 24, 2018 will release Doomsday Clock #3.


Eric Lee

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