Matt Reeves is Working on ‘The Batman’

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Director Matt Reeves confirmed that The Batman is still in pre-production and even has outlined the story.

During an interview on the The Q & A with Jeff GoldSmith podcast, Reeves revealed the progress of The Batman. Here is Reeves on the story of the movie.

“I am outlining. I have the story worked out, and I am outlining.”

‘The Batman’s’ Production History

The solo DCEU Batman movie’s status is a murky one. Initially, Ben Affleck was attached to star, write, and direct it. However, now Affleck’s involvement to play the role of Batman is in question. Meanwhile, it was teased that Deathstroke would be the main antagonist in the film. While Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke popped up at the end of Justice League, it is unknown if he will still be in the solo Batman film.

Reeves comments that he is working on the story is both news on the progress and affirmation that the movie is still being made.

No release date has been made yet for The Batman.

Eric Lee

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