Lindsay Lohan Wants to Play Batgirl in Joss Whedon’s Film

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In the middle of last year, before Joss Whedon ever laid hands on Justice League, WB announced that he would taking the reins of a Batgirl movie. The flick is set to begin production this year, notwithstanding any shakeups from the new head of DC Films.

At the moment, we don’t know who will be playing Batgirl or even if they’ve cast the lucky actress yet. Late last month, MTV brought up to Hailee Steinfeld of Pitch Perfect to play the role, and she was definitely not opposed to the idea. The young actress seems to be rising in stardom due to her voice and acting chops. Of course, it depends on which Babs Whedon is going for, but Steinfeld could very well play a great young version of Babs after her fantastic turn in Edge of Seventeen.

Fiery Red Hair

Steinfeld didn’t actually step up for the role, but when suggested to her, she loved the idea. However, another actress seems to be campaigning for it. This actress certainly has the skill and the natural red hair as a plus.

Check out the tweet below:

Lindsay Lohan started out as a child actress winning the major role of the twins separated at birth, Hallie Parker and Annie James in Disney’s The Parent Trap. Unfortunately, after several great years in the limelight, her personal life took a very bad toll and she went the route of many child actors and actresses of a Hollywood life full of booze and drugs. Since then, she’s become more the butt of jokes rather than a leading actress.

Personally, I really enjoyed Lohan’s work in her earlier years. If she can clean herself up a bit and if Whedon was looking for a slightly older, more established Batgirl, I think she can pull it off. Everyone deserves a second chance. I personally would prefer somebody else, but I’m not opposed to giving Lohan an audition.

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