Join The League – Win A Signed ‘Justice League’ Poster From Warner Bros.

Membership most definitely has its perks. Signing up to the online Justice League, fans can receive free email alerts containing trailers, exclusive merchandise, news, and competitions. The latest contest gives fans the chance to win a poster for the eagerly anticipated movie, signed by the cast!

You have to be a member over 13 years of age, and a United States resident to win, and it’s NOT too late to sign up. The “JOIN THE LEAGUE JUSTICE LEAGUE POSTER SWEEPSTAKES!” end on November 23 at 9:59am PT.

What are you waiting for? Here’s what you could win, signed by the world’s greatest super heroes.

Go on, get yourself some Justice… signed, sealed and delivered. I’m all in, are you?

Steve J Ray

Dad/husband, writer/artist, amateur chef and Bat-Fan Extraordinaire. Animal lover and fan of all things comic-book and sci-fi related. His wife thinks that he owns too many comics, books, and movies. He thinks this is an oxymoron.