‘Justice League’ Unite Trailer

by Chris Foti
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Last Sunday, at New York Comic Con, Warner Bros. and DC Films released the newest trailer for Justice League, which you can see here. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear the new score from Danny Elfman, who took over the project from Junkie XL, which is what I was personally looking forward to most. Instead, we got another cover of a rock song, which has been the custom for the past two trailers. This time we got a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes. It was nice to hear Superman’s score from Hans Zimmer in the beginning, however.

As has become custom the last few years when it comes to major blockbusters (read: superhero) films, there has also been an International trailer released as well, that is more or less the same except with a few different scenes/lines/shots.

This new trailer, which can be seen on WB UK’s YouTube, is about a 1.5 minutes less than the “Heroes” trailer, and this one is titled “Unite”.

Nothing mindblowingly new here. The trailer starts the same with Lois’ dream about Clark, but then we get a voiceover exchange between Diana and Cyborg we hadn’t heard before, obviously her recruiting him to the team. The shot of Batman on the gargoyle also wasn’t in the NYCC trailer (but is a damn awesome image that we’ve seen before). We also get a new line from Alfred asking Bruce how does he know the team is strong enough.

After that, the rest of the shots are things we’ve seen before, except there’s a new voiceover line of Bruce saying “This is the only way. The five of us, united.”

Again, nothing that new to get too excited about in this trailer, but if you can’t get enough hype of Justice League, it’s there for your viewing pleasure. Justice League opens in a few shorts weeks, on November 17th.

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