‘Justice League Action’ Animated Shorts Available Online

by Chris Foti
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If you’re a fan of DC’s newest animated series Justice League Action, or would like to get a taste of what the show is like, Warner Bros. Animation and the DC Kids YouTube channel have released three new episodes of animated shorts for the series.

Episode 1 – Up and Atom!

Atom tries to pass up the chance to be part of the Justice League, but with an attack that takes out Batman and Wonder Woman he may decide to join the team after all!

Episode 2 – Beep Beep

Wily Lobo uses every trap and trick to try and catch the Flash, but Wil E Coyote may not be the best inspiration to choose.

Episode 3 – Chemistry

Another peaceful stakeout, except Firestorm is having trouble saying the right clever things to impress Stargirl…

New shorts of Justice League Action will be released on the DC Kids YouTube Channel every Thursday.

Justice League Action first aired on November 26, 2016 (in the UK) and December 16, 2016 (in the US) to a positive reception.  You can get DKN’s own Sharna Jahangir’s impressions of the show here.

Aimed more towards a younger audience, the show features Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and the rotating members of the Justice League as they fight various supervillains and other threats to Earth.

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