Review: DC’s Powerless S1E06 – “I’ma Friend You”

After two weeks away, our friends from Charm City are back! Emily, Jackie and the ladies from Wayne Security are worried that their town will be destroyed after Crimson Fox says she’s moving to Metropolis.

In this episode we see more of Jackie, Van Wayne’s personal assistant, played by Christina Kirk. Emily decides that without superhero protection she and Jackie should take up self-defense classes, she even gets “Buddy” t-shirts printed. While all this is going on, Van uncovers the greatest crime in the history of Charm City… someone has used his private bathroom!

Once again, Alan Tudyk and the cast of the show are on hilarious top form. Vanessa Hudgen’s super sweet Emily tries to befriend the hard-as-nails Jackie, while Ron and Danny find themselves prime suspects in the toiletgate scandal. Van has always been full of it, but though he’s down in the dumps this week, he’s top of the plops when it comes to poop jokes. Yes, the toilet humor quota is very high in this episode.

I’m sorry.

It’s great the way that Jackie comes to the foreground this week. We meet her daughter and find out about her secret second job. A highlight of the episode is Van Wayne’s world’s lamest detective, on the hunt for the person who used his private amenities. All the while we still get steaming great helpings of Emily, Ron and Danny and our regular cameos from Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern too.

Friendship and loyalty abound amongst the Wayne Security team. Danny and Ron don’t succumb to Van’s constant probing, so when the bottom falls out of his investigation, the end result is hilarious.

Sorry… again.


The laughs are truly back this week, and so is the character development. Existing friendships grow and a budding one starts to blossom. This instalment gets a fairly solid:

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