Justice League Coming to Cereal Aisles

by Joe Wapo
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Recently, we announced that the Justice League would be appearing on General Mills cereals. Now, we have more details!

DC Entertainment’s Custom Creative Studio + Advertising team has teamed with General Mills for a limited-time tie-in promotion that will feature cereal mascots dressed as members of DC’s Justice League. Each box will feature cover art from some of the greatest talents in the comic book industry –

  • Honey Nut Cheerios’ BuzzBee dressed as BATMAN and drawn by Dave Johnson

  • Multi Grain Cheerios featuring WONDER WOMAN with art by Neal Adams

  • The Trix Rabbit dressed as SUPERMAN and illustrated by Amanda Conner

  • Lucky Charms’ Lucky the Leprechaun in GREEN LANTERN attire by Joe Quinones

  • Cocoa Puffs’ Sonny the Bird as THE FLASH from Karl Kerscher

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s Crazy Squares filling out the roster as AQUAMAN, CYBORG, and GREEN LANTERN (again) and illustrated by Tony Daniel (is the Wendell the Chef gone?)

The back of each box will also feature artwork from Ivan Reis (pencils), Joe Prado (inks), and Marcelo Maiolo (colors), each depicting a different member of the Justice League that, when pieced together, form a mural.

Additionally, each box of cereal will include one of four original comic books featuring a different member of DC’s Justice League. These 24-page comics from DC’s Custom Creative Studio are

  • SUPERMAN: POWER PLAY written by Tony Bedard and illustrated Jerry Ordway

  • BATMAN: DARK REFLECTIONS written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated Rick Leonardi

  • WONDER WOMAN: TRUTH HURTS written by Ivan Cohen and illustrated by June Brigman

  • AQUAMAN: ALIEN JUSTICE written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Tom Grummett

One almost expects a “General Mills” to join the Justice League roster and use his wholesome oat flake powers and shredded wheat strength to combat the evils of morning hunger. I for one pine for the days of movie-tie in cereals  that made no qualms about serving children candy for breakfast. I’d rather save my money to buy a dusty 30-year-old box of Batman cereal off eBay than waste my money buying cereal I can get any day of the year just to piece together a “mural” that you can see above.

Pictured – the shark fin soup of nerd culture.


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