‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Nominated for 2 Saturn Awards!

by Philip Lawrence
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While last year’s Batman v Superman infamously received scathing reviews from critics and garnered several Razzie nominations, the Saturn Awards have not forgotten about the Zack Snyder-directed superhero flick. However, on a more positive light.

The nominations for the 43rd Saturn Awards have been unveiled with Batman v Superman receiving nominations for “Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release” and “Best DVD/BD Special Edition Release” for the extended Ultimate Edition. The 2016 superhero flick will be competing against fellow DCEU film Suicide Squad  to win the coveted “Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release” award.

With Batman v Superman withstanding a tremendous magnitude of scrutiny since early 2016; it feels refreshing to know the highly ambitious superhero flick is earning some positive recognition. These two nominations prove Batman v Superman shouldn’t deserve all of the scorn it endured. What it may have lacked in acclaim, it makes up for in ambition.

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