General Mills Bring Justice to Breakfast

by Steve J Ray
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Cereal Killers are warned to beware the Bat Bran!

This morning, I awoke to the story on the General Mill’s website featuring their beautiful new cereal box designs. Justice has definitely been served.

I live in the U.K. and we don’t get many of these products, so sometimes, I get very jealous of my friends and colleagues that live in the U.S. I’m always seeing news of new TV shows, products and goodies featuring Batman and all my favourite heroes that then take weeks or months to arrive in the U.K.

… If we get them at all.

These things are great! Buzz the bee is decked out in full Batman costume, looking both cute and dangerous for the first time ever. Though BatBuzz isn’t alone… Oh no! Every cereal has had their cute and crunchy avatar decked out in full JLA regalia!

And that’s not even the best bit.

I know that people out there collect cereal boxes, like I collect Detective Comics and all the Batman related titles; and these boxes are SO worth collecting!

On the back of each box is a stunning piece of art by comics’ supremo and Justice League artist Ivan Reis. The 26 year comics veteran has created an amazing panorama of heroic awesomeness, which is only fully discovered when all the boxes are combined.

Plus there are four brand new and exclusive DC Comics to collect too! Justice has never tasted so sweet.

Here I sit, looking at my boring old box of cereal and wishing I had a plane ticket to America.

So, there you have it! Once again the day has been saved by the World’s Finest Heroes…

Iron, niacin and riboflavin.

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