Chris McKay in Talks to Direct Nightwing Movie

by Ryan Lower
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First Batman, now Nightwing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is in talks to direct a Nightwing film, with The Accountant scriptwriter Bill Dubuque on board to write.


Dick Grayson has appeared in 3 live action movies: Batman (1966), Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. However, he’s only ever suited up as Robin, making this Nightwing’s live action debut.

Again, awesome.

McKay has a history with animation, so this is a big transition. Anyone that saw The LEGO Batman Movie should be able to put those concerns to rest. His success rate with story (which is priority #1) is stellar, and his track record for entertainment is solid. Again, this is only negotiations, but has to be taken pretty serious if it’s been leaked.

WB Turning it around?

To say that the DCEU has suffered from bad news lately is an understatement. The most recent films released have been divisive, directors have left projects, scripts have been rewritten, and negotiations have broken down. Mark this as a second win for the day, after Matt Reeves was announced as the director of the upcoming solo Batman film.

Again, this is in early talks, but it looks like the Batfamily is coming together on the big screen.

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