‘Batman v Superman’ Enters the ‘Star Wars’ Universe

by Ryan Lower
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Dark Side Knight v Superjedi: Dawn of the Alliance.

In another world, Zack Snyder would have made that film, and he has the evidence to prove it. Released through the social media app Vero (which Snyder has been heavily promoting through these releases), the Justice League director shared what an ultimate mashup between his DCEU and Star Wars would possibly look like.

It’s been no secret that Snyder is a fan of Star Wars. While filming Batman v Superman, he was in a “battle” with J.J. Abrams, posting back-and-forth images from their world (Stormtrooper arrest, Millennium Falcon Tumbler). For fanboys, it got us really excited and imagining that “what if” scenario.

Of course, this also isn’t the first time we’ve seen video of Batman mixed with Star Wars. How many of you remember when he battled Darth Vader to save Superman?

Of course I had to post the alternate ending, it’s better suited for fans of this site. While I prefer Batman fighting solo in a realistic setting (well, as realistic as his movies can be), there’s something about mixing him in with Star Wars that’s completely bonkers in a fan-service way. Can we get an animated series sometime? A solo movie? ANYTHING?!

Regardless, we’re less than a year out from Snyder’s Justice League, and now there’s “A New Hope” that we’ll be getting more of this in the future.


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