Batman Cosplay Makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Functioning Gadgets

Batfans! Meet fellow Batfan, Julian Checkley. He is a special effects creature designer. Also, he was just added into the Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer’s Edition for the most functioning gadgets on a cosplay suit. And for which cosplay? A Batsuit. And it’s pretty insane.

Check the video below:

Impressive, huh?

Based on the suit seen in Batman: Arkham Origins, the suit contains 23 functioning gadgets. Working in the film industry on special effects, Checkley was able to craft most of the gadgets himself, but eventually needed assistance from an electrical engineer to create an EMP stun gun.

Check these infographics below for more details regarding some of his gadgets:

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Personally, I’m most impressed with the Bat Tracker. Technology nowadays has made it relatively simple to create, but I’ve seen that thing in Batman media my entire life, so it’s extremely cool to see it come to life. I have nothing more to say aside from just gushing about how cool it is.

Check out the complete list of gadgets on Checkley’s suit:

1. Fireball Shooter
2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2
3. Bat Tracking Beacon
4. Bat Sign Projector
5. Folding Batarang
6. Grapnel Gun
7. Cowl Respirator
8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun
9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device.
10. Bat Shuriken x 4 11. UV Lamp
12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2
13. Gauntlet Flashlight 14. Medi-kit.
15. Battery Pack.
16. Laser Designator.
17. Bat-cam.
18. Strobe Stun Gun.
19. Gas Dispenser
20. Smoke Bombs x 2
21. The Bat Flask.
22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone.
23. Two-way Radio.

Can anybody top that? If so, be sure to send us pictures.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

Adam Poncharoensub is a blogger, movie critic, and Born-Again Batman fan. When he’s not chained to his desk writing, he likes to spend his days spreading the gospel of the Dark Knight in the treacherous suburbs of Miami or working under Dropping Loads Productions, where he co-hosts a comedy podcast and produces sketches.