Review: Justice League: Rebirth #1

by Eric Joseph
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Writer & Artist: Bryan Hitch

Some Spoilers Ahead

When writing a story that includes eight of DC’s biggest heroes, you really need a threat worthy of their magnitude, a notion that has long been supported. Bryan Hitch, the new guiding hand for the Justice League, is well aware of that and begins the Rebirth era with what he has deemed a “mission statement” (see the DC All Access video embedded at the bottom of this review). His ideas seem to be appropriately grandiose and don’t shy away from the science fiction element.

Before Tony Daniel wows us all in two weeks when Justice League #1 ships (he at least supplied cover art here), Hitch pulls double duty and contributes interior artwork. As can be expected, he gives us the big action scenes and summer blockbuster quality we have seen from him in books such as JLA and The Ultimates. I’m actually quite interested to see how Daniel and Fernando Pasarin will interpret Hitch’s ideas in the very near future.

This introductory issue begins with a giant insect-like creature called a Reaper attacking a city and, believe me, it makes the Cloverfield monster look like a flea. After fighting a seemingly losing battle, the remaining JL members from the New 52 era – Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg – decide to venture inside the towering monster colonoscopy style, thinking the best way to take it down is from within.

The variable in this equation comes by way of the Pre-Flashpoint Superman who decides to throw in with the rest of the team. This is something DC fans everywhere have been talking about and is one more reason to keep on eye on this series. Supes’ narration is not only insightful, but shows how this world shows great promise through its heroes. Lois continues to remind of us her importance as she gives him the necessary push to join the JL.

On the flip side of things, we see Batman and the others feel the need to keep him close, yet also keep an eye on him. You can’t blame them for being a bit hesitant to trust a Superman they know nothing about. At least Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz fill some vacancies as well.

Like many of the Rebirth one-shots, this one lays a solid foundation. The Reaper that made an unwelcome visit promises more like it are on the way, so let’s hope Hitch can touch the high bar he’s already set for himself.


Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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