Vertigo Roundup: Jacked #4

jacked 4

Writer: Eric Kripke

Artist: John Higgins

Eric Kripke never fails to deliver an enthralling story loaded with my kind of humor. Fans of the previous issues won’t be disappointed by anything aside from the fact that only two more issues are to follow.

This issue surprisingly starts out with Josh’s wife narrating and her behavior mirrors that of which he displayed way back in the opening installment. Part of me wonders if she will get “Jacked” before the story concludes.

Speaking of that very drug, it seems that Josh’s reaction to it is actually a one-in-a-million side effect. Despite his superpowers that come and go, he is aware of the fact that he is a mere mortal. When you see him become “Batman,” you will get a chuckle.

While this wasn’t my favorite issue in the series, it was a good progression of the story and is still the best book currently published by Vertigo.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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