Vertigo Roundup: Jacked #3 & The Twilight Children #4

by Eric Joseph
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jacked 3

Jacked #3

Writer: Eric Kripke

Artist: John Higgins

This has to be my absolute favorite title from Vertigo at this time. In Jacked #3, Eric Kripke continues to look at Josh Jaffe as a person. It’s quite important that the book never loses sight of that throughout all of the action scenes and whimsical antics. Artist John Higgins brings such detail and emotion to an issue that leads to Josh playing vigilante and get caught in the thick of it as criminals literally come gunning for him. This is the issue the series has been building to and it has been a great ride with real consequences. Dumpster throwing, hallucinations, urban intrigue, and a casual mention of squirters make this one of the must buys of the week.


twilight children 4

The Twilight Children #4

Writer: Gilbert Hernandez

Artist: Darwyn Cooke

This week brings the stunning conclusion to this off the wall series. While the ending is both sad and bittersweet, at least in my opinion, the strength of this book lies in its showing of how families and a community can come together. All of this is amplified by Darwyn Cooke’s art, which I find to be quite indescribable. I’m not quite sure if the ending could be called open ended, but I guess you will just have to read it for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below.




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