Review: JLA: Justice League of America #7

by John Hagmann
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JLA: Justice League of America #7 | “Power & Glory,” Part 6

JLA7_CoverWriter: Bryan Hitch

Inks: Daniel Henriques, Andrew Currie

Colors: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Assists: Ameded Turturro

Edits: Brian Cunningham

Cover: Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair



Bryan Hitch returns to JLA: Justice League of America with part six of “Power & Glory.”

The mysterious Kryptonian deity, Rao, has spread healing and peace across earth’s population. However, in JLA: Justice League of America #7, our heroes learn the deceptive depths of Rao’s intentions.

This arch asks serious questions about ends and means; about what one is willing to give in order to see a messianic dream fulfilled. Who wouldn’t want world peace? Who wouldn’t want illness and disease to be a thing of the past? Rao provides these things – so far as readers can tell – in legitimate fashion. However, he is draining followers of their very lives, parasitically feeding off them to attain his own immortality and power. Bryan Hitch does a wonderful job capturing the nuances of this story in his dialogue and JLA: Justice League of America #7 boasts a certain depth missing from many other comics out there.

Batman and Cyborg examine one of the prophet’s staffs and uncover a connection between earth’s people, Rao, and his Cathedral. As always, Batman is working a plan.


Perhaps the most interesting character development in the Rao storyline has been Superman. At first, Superman is enthralled in the arrival of Kryptonian deity. He’s a believer and sets out to introduce the world to Rao. Now, however, Superman is held prisoner by Rao and discovers his plot. Rao intends to reap Superman’s DNA to transform Earth’s people into Kryptonians, enabling him to feast on their newly-energized, Kyptonian life-force – to live forever with unlimited power. In a striking series of panels, through nothing but sheer force and strength of will, Superman strikes the first major blow against Rao.

In JLA: Justice League of America #7, we also catch up with other characters from the JLA. Wonder Woman and Aquaman arm themselves with the weapons of a newly rebuilt Olympus, preparing to do battle. Flash finds himself in the Infinity Corp building, where the Life Stones are housed. The building is shaken to its core. Readers are led to believe the building is housed inside Rao’s Cathedral. Green Lantern finds himself in a paradox as Rao meets…Rao?! The 250,000 year old version of the Kryptonian meets his more powerful, modern day self. This reader believes more is at play in this meeting and will provide a pivotal moment in the story arch still to come.

The art in JLA: Justice League of America #7 is incredibly detailed and the colors are vibrant. It’s truly a large story and the art showcases the broad and sweeping narrative. I found myself lingering over several panels, taking in the vast depth of the clean lines and marveling at the level of detail – particularly on the large-scale panels and scenes with Superman. Beautiful.

JLA: Justice League of America #7 returns this story arch to excitement. The issue moves the story forward in major ways and connects the dots from previous issues. The payoff is worth the wait. JLA: Justice League of America #7 asks big, ethical questions that leave one thinking long after the pages are closed. In doing so, however, it provides satisfying answers to plot questions and moves our heroes toward saving the day. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode.

JLA: Justice League of America #7 earns a big score this month:


Adult Coloring Book Cover

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