Second Opinion: Batman & Robin Eternal #11

Writer: Ed Brisson

Pencilers: Fernando Blanco and Christian Duce

Batman & Robin Eternal #11 may have one of the funkiest covers ever. At first glance, it seems like an acid trip and doesn’t tip off where the issue is going…or does it? This week’s issue is a head trip and I mean that in nothing but a positive way. Dick Grayson and Harper Row meet Sculptor (where we left off last week) who immediately raised a red flag. How does she know who Harper is? Well, remember the head trip that was teased on the cover? It plays out through the pages of issue #11. Sculptor is a telepath and gives Harper a look at the life of Cassandra Cain, how she is and how she came to be. It seems her father had a major influence on her but Mother felt betrayed. We are then left on yet another cliffhanger ending.

This week’s issue doesn’t have any business being as good as it is. The cover alone would possibly turn me away. The telepath angle, Harper centric and an origin story for Cass? Thanks to the great combo of Brisson, Blanco and Duce this issue rocks. We are kept on the journey of one set of characters throughout which is rare for this title. The look of the pages while we are in telepath mode is subtle, but leaves no doubt where we are at. The scripting is also great, moving along at a brisk, exciting pace that left me wanting more.

Overall, a fun issue that gives an origin to a mysterious character who also has many questions left to be answered.


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Ryan Lower

A lifelong fan of the Dark Knight, Ryan Lower grew up far from Gotham in Indiana but has planted roots in Chicago. A writer for a T.V. station, he also enjoys brooding at home in his own batcave, devouring Batman comics, shows and movies.