Review: Grayson #15

grayson 15

Writers: Tom King & Tim Seeley

Artist: Mikel Janin

Part 2 of “Robin War” kicks off with a bit of dialogue that highly amused me. Various members of the “We are Robin” crew say “I am Robin” one by one, only to have Damian Wayne reply with “No, you’re not.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

This is followed by an inspirational speech given by Dick Grayson and gives way to what they termed “Robin School.” Whether or not that’s near Bovine University is unknown to me.

What is interesting is that each Robin has a different way of teaching his pupils and takes some inspiration from how Batman guided them. Four potentials are chosen and they are paired with the (real) Robin they are most like to carry out a mission.

Said mission goes south thanks to Dick Grayson. I won’t spoil the how and the why, but it carries over into Detective Comics #47.

You need not have read any previous issue of Grayson to follow this book, although you need to have read Robin War #1. Tom King and Tim Seeley continue to prove they have a real handle on these characters and it certainly helps that Mikel Janin delivered some incredible artwork. Expect next month to be business as usual for this title.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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