Review: ‘Gotham’ S2.E7, ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’

by Alec Ward
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Deception is the name-of-the-game for The Penguin this week in ‘Gotham’, as his oldest ally shows his true colors and kills the only woman he’s ever loved. The Galavans are spreading their venom throughout the city, and a new member of their crew sets her sights on Bruce.

As you may have read, I had a very sincere problem with the finale of last week’s episode of Gotham. It displayed a very rough scene featuring Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle. I won’t repeat myself about the issue, but the worry I had with the scene was that I wasn’t sure how this would affect the character. I have to say, this issue was handled very well in this week’s episode. It showcased how Nygma is losing his sanity and is gaining the love for puzzles and riddles.

Altogether, this episode was, actually, super solid. It could possibly be one of the better episodes of the series thus far. The only true issue I had with the entire episode, was the treatment of Silver St. Cloud. She turns out to be in cahoots with the Galavans and this week, she shows her true intentions. She is an evil wench, and to my knowledge, completely uncharacteristic of how she is in any incarnation of the comics.

Other than that, and believe me as I’m just as surprised to say it as you are, this episode was actually great. The writing wasn’t complete garbage, there really was no over-acting, and the death scene of Penguin’s mother was genuinely touching. Hopefully, this shows a good trend for Gotham and the writers continue on this road. Looking at the track record they’ve had this season, in my opinion anyway, I’m not so sure. I’ll enjoy it while I can!



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