Scott Snyder Talks Batman at Boston Comic-Con

by Ryan Lower
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Scott Snyder, also known as the MAN behind Batman, was in Boston last weekend hosting an hour-long panel at the Boston Comic Con. Comic Book Resources attended the panel He announced to the fans that anything was on the table for discussion, talking about graduating from high school, his path to Columbia and even working at Disney World.

But it’s the author’s current body of work that everyone wanted to know about, and Snyder wasn’t shy about what he loves about the Dark Knight as well as his teammate, artist Greg Capullo.


“Greg and I are a team that goes beyond Batman. He is one of my closest friends. He’s like a big brother to me at this point… If he left and wanted to do something else, I would do something else with him. Right now, we are discussing how long we’ll stay and the way that I have stories, there’s a possibility that Greg might stay; there’s a possibility that we both will stay for a while. There’s a possibility that one of us might take a break for a little bit to finish some other stuff and then come back for bigger stuff together. Right now, we’re just trying to figure out what makes the most sense for us as creators. We’re a team.”

As for how long the team is planning to stay together? They’re taking it one story at a time.

“I will answer as honestly as I can: Every arc, we have been ready to [leave the series]. At the end, if people really didn’t like what we were doing or we felt tired on the book… My feeling is, this is my favorite character in the world, and you guys, as fans, deserve someone who’s going to bring their A-game. Everybody has a Batman story they’re dying to tell.

As for what we can expect with the upcoming arc “Superheavy,” it’s a personal approach toward the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne.

batman 43

“I want you to know something: we would never try a kooky idea like this unless we thought we had a better story for these characters through it and on the side of it, including Bruce and everybody. We love him as much as you do, and the last thing I would do is be like, ‘Let’s shake it up and kill Bruce and the Joker and put Gordon in the costume‘ if I didn’t think there was a way of exploring Batman. This story, deeply, is about that for Bruce.”

As for the next issue of Batman, Snyder tweeted us a picture of the alternate covers of the issue.



Batman #43 is available August 12.

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