Window Washers Make Kids Day by Dressing as Batman and Superman

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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It looks like I’ve got a story that’s going to melt your heart. As cynical adults, we know that superheroes like Batman and Superman don’t exist, but we believe in them anyway because of their ideals. In some cases like those in Legends of the Knight, it’s because of their ability to inspire people. For children, however, I’d imagine believing in a superhero is whole different ballpark.

So imagine you’re 6 years old, lying in a hospital bed and suddenly you see Batman at your window, waving to you. That’s what these guys did in Louisville, Kentucky. A couple of window washers decided to put on Batman and Superman costumes and took to their jobs, surprising kids at Kosair Children’s Hospital. It certainly lifted up at least one kid’s spirits.

Check the video below:

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Good stuff. Now if only he could straighten the nose on his cowl.

Source – WDRB

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