Wonder Woman Is A Demi-Goddess In BvS

Wonder Woman’s film origin has been confirmed for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Charles Roven, one of the producers for the movie, is seen in the video above speaking about the movie, and by the end confirms that Diana is the daughter of a Mortal and a God, specifically Zeus.

Wonder Woman’s in it. We know that. She has powers, she’s a goddess. She’s a demigod. Her father was Zeus.

This puts to rest any rumors about her possible origins that have been circulating for some time.  Along with the fact that the Greek Gods are in the background in the new shared DC Cinematic Universe, Roven takes time to talk about the differences between the feeling of the world compared to the world seen in the Dark Knight trilogy.

The biggest difference between what Chris [Nolan] did in The Dark Knight Trilogy and what we’re doing now is that Bruce Wayne, Batman, lived in what I called a closed universe, in that there were no superheroes in it. There’s Batman, and he is a human being, and Bruce Wayne has taken himself and made himself – in many ways, even though he’s definitely got some dysfunction – he’s made himself into, in many ways, the best a human being can be intellectually, in terms of his ability to be a detective, physically, etcetera. But he’s real. He’s human, he’s a human being. He has no superpowers.

When we embarked on Man of Steel…one of the things we were doing was we were created a universe that had a superhero in it, because Superman is clearly a superhero, he has superpowers. So once we did that, it was with the knowledge that, if the movie was successful and we expanded the universe, we were going to expand it and populate it with other, like characters.

Man of Steel seems to have been built from a storytelling perspective to be able to include and introduce other characters like Superman, whereas The Dark Knight seems to be situated in a much more grounded reality. The Batman we see in the comics has to compete with these literal Gods, while still being human, so his resources, limits, and general ability to react to that kind of world has to match, much like the Batman in the new film, versus the Batman who didn’t have to deal with a world of people could juggle asteroids.  This puts the new film universe closer in feeling and perhaps even its background, such as the Greek Gods playing a heavy role in Wonder Woman’s origin in the current comics, to the comic version.

Source: Comicbook.com