Playable Celebrity Additions Abound in Lego Batman 3

by MattB
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KevSmithLEGO Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, is the next big Batman related video game to hit the shelves and apparently we’re getting a few more surprise characters in the already massive playable character roster. It was recently revealed by DC this week that their own Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns will be a playable character, as well as the “Fatman on Batman” himself, Widening Gyre and Cacophony writer/sometimes filmmaker Kevin Smith. It didn’t seem like there was likely to be any new surprise additions to the game’s roster, with almost every recognizable DC Comics character being fully playable in the last chapter of TT Studio’s Lego Batman franchise, but not only did they dive even deeper into the DC lore to bring an even larger roster, they gave us a couple non-comic book characters as well. Both characters seem to be great likenesses of their real life counter parts, albeit with the addition of laser guns, and should be fully unlock-able in November 11th’s Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham.


However, that wasn’t the only celebrity related Lego Batman news we got this week. Yes, this week, all the pieces seemed to be falling perfectly into place, as we found out that Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow on CW’s Arrow) will voice the game’s Green Arrow character, who looks to have a more prominent role. To me it seems like a perfect fit.

GreenArrowLegoAmell, Smith and Johns will all be joining Adam West to fight alongside and against the rest of the DC Universe in Lego Batman3: Beyond Gotham due out November 11th on PC, Playstation 3,4 and Vita, Nintendo WiiU and 3DS, as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Here’s a trailer.

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