Extra on ‘BvS’ Celebrates his Time on Set, Expects People will be ‘Blown Away’

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Recently, a lot of people have been cropping up as extras in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which isn’t suspicious as they have to populate two cities in this movie. Most are spewing out what they promise is inside information on what’s to come in the flick. It’s difficult to determine where in the cloud of rumors is the actual truth because of the sheer number of possible extras.

Well, part of today’s non-news has to do with yet another extra. Thankfully, this one seems more genuine than the rest because there are no spoilers here, just a mild-mannered bartender reminiscing about his time on set and relishing in it. It’s a pretty fun interview that gives a cool look into life on set, such as the professionalism and the crew’s appreciation of Detroit.

However, the reason why we’re here and I’m reporting it is mostly due to his closing statements.

Take a look:

MLive: What do you think fans should expect with “Batman v. Superman” once it’s released?

Extra: I know comic books, and slowly became a fan of Zack Snyder. I think there are going to a few little things (in the film) where fans are going to be like ‘What?’ But I think they’ll understand later. And I think sometimes nerds take things too seriously, you know, when it comes to these movies. This is coming from a half-nerd, a half-geek.

With these types of films, you can’t take them too seriously. I think Man of Steel was a great reboot, and Zack Snyder did a great, great job. And I came up with Christopher Reeve (as Superman). Just even as an aesthetic look, (Reeve) looked like Superman. But now there’s the technology with these movies, so I think with Batman v. Superman, based on the Frank Miller stories, I think it’s going to be a great movie.

I’m hoping that it blows Avatar out of the water. Avatar is a beautiful movie, but it’s the same old story. I want it to be knocked off the top, and I think fans should expect to be blown away and damn near have tears in their eyes.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

That last remark is what really gets my engines revving. I was nearly sobbing when the Comic-Con teaser leaked on the Internet. If we’re to believe this guy, I’m going to need to make a mental note to bring a couple boxes of tissues.

Remember, none of this is confirmed. He could just be some guy just talking because he found somebody that would listen.


Source – MLive

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