Batman & Joker – Bad Days Season 3 Premiere

The life of Batman is nothing but ‘Bad Days’ thanks to his old foe the Joker! Season 3 of ‘Bad Days’ begins with this Premiere. This hilarious, yet witty short shows off an old Batman chasing his arch-enemy in the Joker who seems to be a few steps a head. Sit back, have a laugh and enjoy.

If you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2 (Stan Lee’s World of Heroes) you can find them here:

Bad Days Season 1 

Bad Days Season 2

Written and directed by:

Junaid Chundrigar 
Davor Bujakovic
Animation, Cleanup and Color by
Davor Bujakovic
Junaid Chundrigar
Tom Mourik
Erwin Langstraat 

Backgrounds by:
Anna Engels

Voices by:
Junaid Chundrigar
Dennis Impink
Sanna Mallant
Erik Griekspoor

Music by:
Joris Hermy

Sound design by:
Erik Griekspoor



Damian Fasciani

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