Batarang Returning Boomerang Video hits Web…for justice

Imagine you’re in Gotham City. Now imagine Batman is after you. You’ve just mugged an old lady for her purse because you’re a small-time drug addict thug who needs money for their next quick fix. Now imagine that you’re getting away. Batman is falling behind. You’re actually escaping. Then, you see this massive bat-shaped object whiz past your head. Whew, you think. That was close. But wait, oh no! It’s coming back around! WHACK!!! It hits you right in your forehead, stopping you dead in your tracks and rendering you incapacitated.

What was that giant bat-shaped object that slammed into your face? It was a Batarang returning boomerang, constructed by expert boomerang maker Victor Poulin. He’s been making them a long time, and finally decided to make one shaped like a bat. In the video above, we see the first-ever flight of the real life Batarang, and it is as glorious and beautiful as any Bat-fan could possibly imagine.

I bet the first thing you’re thinking is, “I MUST HAVE THIS!!!” Well, guess what. Not only are they available for purchase, but good ol’ Vic is giving one away on his Facebook page.

This is an incredible find, and I would be remiss not to share it with each and every one of you.

DISCLAIMER: This boomerang is NOT to be used to hit anybody in the head, okay??? Or else you can’t have one. Because that’s not nice. Don’t hit people…unless they mugged an old lady. THEN you can hit them. But only with this boomerang. You don’t want to get TOO close. They could have something stabby. And we’d hate for you to get stabbed by something stabby.

Source: Boomerangs by Vic (via Gizmodo)