Rumor: WB Looking at Callan Mulvey to Play Metallo in Batman vs. Superman

A rumor has surfaced that WB is eyeing Callan Mulvey to play Metallo in Batman vs. Superman.

So the Internet was set ablaze a couple days ago with the news of Wonder Woman’s casting. Variety reported that Israeli-born model-turned-actress Gal Gadot was cast as the iconic Amazonian. Buried not-so-deeply within the article were other important bits of information that went unnoticed to the frenzied reaction of the casting of WW. The piece also revealed that aside from Diana, the Flash also seems likely to appear alongside “several members of the Justice League.” The piece, however, seems unsure as to how significant these appearances will be.

callanmulveyAnother crucial piece of information that seems to have been overlooked was the fact that WB was looking to cast Callan Mulvey (of Zero Dark Thirty fame) as the yet-to-be-revealed villain. Immediately, Lex Luthor comes to mind, am I right? Considering the myriad times that David S. Goyer or Zack Snyder has consistently reassured us that Lex would appear in the movie, it’s only logical to assume that that is the villain that Variety mentioned.


Well, according to an unnamed source at ThinkMcFlyThink, WB is looking to cast Mulvey as Metallo, the cyborg with a heart of Kryptonite. Metallo_Justice_001Their source claims that Metallo is actually the main villain in the upcoming flick. Now, before we conclude anything here, the source also claims that Mulvey was considered for Luthor first, before moving on to Metallo… So what exactly does this mean? I’ve no idea.

My best guess is that Luthor is still in the movie, but will be featured as a background player mostly, similar to the way Tim Burton planted Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent during directorial foray into the DC universe. Or just maybe, Lex is actually the one responsible for Metallo’s cybernetic enhancements in the first place, but his true intentions are only revealed at the end, after Metallo’s rampage on Metropolis fails. And considering the fact that many members of the Justice League will apparently be appearing in this flick, maybe at the very end (possibly post-credits), we discover that Luthor has been organizing a very large and powerful syndicate to combat Supes… Legion of Doom, anyone?

Okay, so maybe that last bit was far too much wishful thinking on my part (and maybe a little too much Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Sinister Six on the mind) … not to mention the fact that it would be monstrously stupid. But maybe some incarnation of a Legion of Doom would justify the foundation of the League.

Unfortunately, I can’t quite vouch for Mulvey as an actor at all. I’ve never had any real interest in seeing Zero Dark Thirty nor did I care to watch Fast and Furious 6 and the other big tentpole flick that he’s slated to appear in, 300: Rise of an Empire, won’t be out until next year. So I’ve got nothing on this guy.

The mention of Metallo has obviously not been confirmed, so please make sure that you maintain your daily intake of salt.

What do you think? Do you think he has the chops to pull off Metallo? And do you have a theory as to how Luthor would fit into Batman vs. Superman if Metallo is the main baddie? Let me know.

Source – Variety, ThinkMcFlyThink

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